About Us

Welcome to our Online Shop! Daffy Herbals is an independent store located in Bengaluru, India created exclusively for online shopping. This is our way of reaching out to our customers all around the world from the comfort of their homes.

Our aim is to bring together a wide range of premium herbal products and to create a brand that is not just for luxury but to bring a pleasant and safe experience which is safe for the skin.

We constantly seek to bring you the latest up to date premium quality products at affordable prices to give you “our customers” a unique shopping experience.

Our Vision is to be the provider of trusted and genuine sustainable lifestyle solutions for your everyday needs. 

Our story

Daffy Herbals have been created from the founder's passion for cosmetics. His years of experience in the industry has given him the insight knowledge to give back to society the right products that will best suit their needs. He is committed to bringing the best herbal products to you and your family.

He has carefully curated each and every product to make sure that only the best reaches you! That is why the level of service, quality and the value of our products is unbeatable!

We aim to provide you with excellent customer service, premium quality products at affordable prices, no hassle purchases with timely deliveries 🚛

Why buy premium herbal products when they appear to cost more than their comparable products?

Well, the truth is that you just can’t compare them! A little extra spent on herbal products turns out to be of better value.

- Our products are scientifically tested and formulated.
- It’s tested for safety through approved labs
- No animal testing
- Our supplies of ingredients have been audited maintains high standards
- High-quality ingredients used which is safe for your skin
- Safety and full ingredient disclosure
- Extracts used in our products are carefully chosen by our founder to enhance the efficacy

At Daffy Herbals we want you to feel good not only about the product you buy but also about your complete shopping experience with us